Friday, July 6, 2007

Never Break

Secure it! I will too,
At disgruntled aim, frowning,
Bleak dew of conflict near drew,
In clash of elements groaning.
You, forever here, but hovering,
Try, form a link through it all,
My sense and your deeds in unison,
Shall cling and not fall.
My time of no value,
Your life in watery drops of drudge,
The world is blind to them, I grant you,
But, they set my aches to life.
Go, declare my listlessness,
Emancipate my closed mind,
I shoulder your stray attraction,
And pacify your blink less pain.
A cooked breakfast, you receive,
I'll be back in a glint,
You will peck a good bye
And turn to fresh new print.

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