Friday, July 6, 2007


There is no limit,
interests are cold,
A farce, live it,
clay set in gold.
A change so jolting,
to what does amount?

Smooth voices giddying,
complacency does rout.
Stop the jarring beeps,
they repeat to imbalance,
a guarded insecurity peeps,
and sees through a false grace.

None created yet perfect,
a detached air much needed.
tug spasmodic instincts,
all crashes and burns left unheeded.
Imagine our cuffs disengage,
security & order inescapable,

Free from dynamic bondage,
laid back practical inevitable.
tinge of hint so disturbs,
out pours steamy silence,
How much can endurance curb,
without resort to dreamy violence?

The way out is not visible,
but why try at all?
When no means are feasible,
and states change in a call?

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