Friday, July 6, 2007

Light of Hope

When life is at its very worst,
And all is dark and bare;
When every moment seems accursed,
And you have nobody to care;

When your mind is a cave of emotions,
Where joys disappear in pain;
When there is no room for patience,
And life itself is in vain.

When defeat stares you in the eye
And the odds are one too many;
When you are left all alone to fight
And deprived of all company.

You discover a true friend
Who within you is born,
Enlightening advice she lends
Urging you to go on and on.

Of this friend you might have heard,
With life's perils, she helps us cope.
She is no magic spell or waving wand,
No formula new or potion Grand,
She bursts forth from your untiring heart,
A ray of light called hope.

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