Friday, July 6, 2007


A feeling that changed me,
The leafy silhouette
Flashed lightning in its gaps
And the knowledge that
What I thought was is not
Blends inside and later,
Clears up better.

Everything is as good
As I make it
To a measure,
Will and time
Amount to nothing
But can keep me
Content within search.

This summer evening
Marked by misty bursts,
I calibrate my past,
Index my future,
Not in vain
What I chose.

In my power,
Fortunate being,
People to love,
Love back more
Never in need of sincerity.
Lucky, quite sparkish,
Creature of ideas and put-uppances.

Who hurts people.
This is a new call
To duty beautiful
Satisfying, yet more stretchly.
Never did, now dearly.
Again, that's what I choose to try.

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