Friday, July 6, 2007


Blameless babe,
Every breath a secret sensation,
A source of pride and immense joy,
Ticklish toddler gurgling with glee.

He learnt to live
‘Midst plenty,
Aided by a juvenile justice,
Beloved to childhood chaste.

Rabid revelry swept him away,
Embroiled deep in false fulfilment,
Ripened in to empty frolic,
In search for profusion,
A web of wealth, want, care consuming,
Symbol of all-pervading perish.

They tossed and turned him,
The wakeful insomniac waves,
Until he wedded rank repentance,
And narrated fond fables to descendants dear,
Lest they too fall prey to fib and fiction unclear.

Finally, he did fade in to merciful gloom,
Devoid of movement, devoid of pain,
Here ends the story of human existence,
A tale oft repeated, a saga in vain.

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